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Detuned Power Factor Correction Panel

Price : 220,000.00 / Set(s)

The Detuned Harmonic Filteisl comprises of a capacitor connected in series of a suitable reactor. The rectifer impedance & capacitor impedances are selected in a fashion that capacitor doesn't tune to the frequencies of harmonics generated by loads & hence its life is increased. In case of normal APFC panel, chances are there that capacitors tune to the load harmonics frequencies & hence life of the capacitors reduce. We do provides thorough our power quality Harmonic Tessting of the existing system requirement of Power Factor Correction & calculates the required amount of reactor & capacitor to fulfill the system's requirement of a Detuned APFC Panel. Merits: 1. Apart from maintaining the system power factor to a predefined target like 99%, Detuned APFC Panel prevents capacitors from getting overloaded due to harmonics of the order of 5th & above. 2. Switching current amplification will not happen. 3. Overloading of the system transformer & other roatingequipements will be prevented.


Brand Name PS
Certification ISO
Place of Origin Chennai
Rated Voltage 440 V

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 1 Set(s)
Payment Terms L/C
Delivery Time 2- 3 Weeks